CMM 2011 - Computer Methods in Mechanics

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Plenary Lectures

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Plenary lectures on the most recent achievements in the computational methods related to the following fields of mechanics will be given by:
J.S. Chen, S.W. Chi, H.Y. Hu - Stabilized Galerkin and collocation meshfree methods
G. Allaire, F. Jouve, G.Michailidis, - Recent advances in topological shape optimization by the Level Set Method
T. Uhl - Inverse problem in structural damage identification and prediction
G. Meschke, D.Leonhart, J.J. Timothy, M.M.Zhou - Computational mechanics of multiphase problems - Scale-brdging modeling strategies
B. Schrefler, D. Boso, F. Pesavento, D.Gawin, M.Lefik - Mathematical and numerical multiscale modelling
T.A.  Kowalewski - Validation problems in computational fluid mechanics